….Ды я душою ажываю,

Як вокам мыслi азiраю

Цябе, мой луг i бераг родны,

Дзе льецца Нёман срэбраводны,

Дубы дзе дружнай чарадою

Стаяць, як вежы, над вадою…


Whatever the weather, the father Neman still remains attractive! There are a lot of picturesque places that amaze with pristine beauty of its places. The wind blows from the left bank of the Neman and brings honey aroma of herbs from water meadows, fascinating smells of juniper, bird cherry, lily-of-the-valleys, heather and chamomiles.


Glamorous landscapes with yellow sandy shallows, willow thickets leading directly to the water, whimsy skyward pines, bends of the rapid Neman – all this winds you up for having calm  hasteless rest. Fresh air full of pine aroma treats better than any medicine. In early spring villages, located along the Neman, are steeped in the white foam of apple, cherry and pear gardens. Later, the air fills up with freshly cut grass odor.   


On one of the river banks, 78 km from Minsk, where tall pine wood rustles above the Neman steep, “Visokiy Bereg” Tourist Health Complex has been receiving its guests since 1970.


  The people’s poet of Belarus Yakub Kolas spent his childhood and adolescence in these places. His poetry was suggested by the beauty of woods and fields, by the quiet smooth surface of the Neman.  A branch of Yakub Kolas Literature Museum is opened in the villages of Akinchitsy, Smolnya and Albut.


  It is a happy hunting ground for mushroom pickers, amateurs of hunting, fishing and simply for nature lovers.


“Visokiy Bereg” Tourist Health Complex offers you rest in harmony with nature.

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